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The Pirate Alphabet

A: Ehhhhhhh? -- "What's that?"

B: Are -- as in "Be ye ready to surrender?"

C: Si, si! -- To a Spanish pirate, "Yes!"

E: Eeeeee! -- "Maaaaaaaaybe . . . "

I: Aye -- "Yes!"

L: 'Ell -- A destination, as in, "To L with you, matey!"

O: Oh! -- "Oh!"

Q: Queue -- A sailor's pigtail, usually tarred.

R: Arrrrrr! -- A general expression of glee.

T: Tea -- A very inferior substitute for grog.

Y: Why? -- To be said in a grumpy voice when the cap'n gives an order.

Z: Zee -- To a French pirate, "the."


Tech News... and How it Can Affect our Daily Lives

Don't you know, just as you get used to a certain way of performing tasks, our good friend Mr. Murphy comes along.

But, Mr. Webmaster, what in the world are you talking about?

Yesterday it was announced that Twitter had absorbed Posterous. While this is good for the Posterous development team and its owners, it's not especially good for webmasters who might have been leveraging the ease of blog entries that Posterous affords.

Posterous Spaces will probably not be shuttered for a few months, if that quickly, but it does look it will be phased out.

I'm reaching out to see if anyone is keeping a blog of their own and might suggest an easy-to-use alternative to our current Posterous-facing side of our website (like Tumblr, Wordpress, or Blogger).

Any help and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Ease of use is a prime concern as we don't want it to be too terribly difficult for our current or next year's webmaster!